Hello WordPress, lovely to meet you.

I’m Diedra and I joined because of my membership on the Food Justice and Anti-Racism Committee (FJAR) of the Mariposa Coop in West Philadelphia. FJAR has a blog and I plan to be a contributor to it. yadayadayada WordPress here I am.  By the way… Mariposa is currently growing its membership now that we are moving into a much larger space this fall! If you are in Philly, this is a great opportunity not to be missed…  mmm fresh local organic healthy food. YUM!

some details from recent daily life of diedra

Plastic Fantastic

Gearing up to take a new reincarnation of Plastic Fantastic (BECOME A FAN) to Salisbury University in Maryland at the end of September!

Genesis P-Orridge

My friend Kat sent me this video with Gen. It is by far my favorite video of all the internet awesomeness of images, gifs and vids I’ve seen this week. As a result, I have some new fashion mantras too: your hair should always look like a wig and buy two of everything. Love Gen!

OBX 2011 Winning

Per my pic on my blog’s header, I spent part of the last week in the Outer Banks before having to evacuate for Irene. While almost being crushed by a wave while on a boogie board was scary, the shared dinners were super awesome and we had plenty of sunshine. I learned how to make homemade mac n cheese and what a roux is AND about reddit a user generated platform. I’m still getting the hang of it but I hear it’s far more interesting than most social media sites.  Are you on there? What do you do???