Family visit in Charleston

Page from Fay Kaplan's Album

My dad's side of the family

We were looking at old photos from my Grandma Fay’s album this week that my Aunt Barbara brought with her from Raleigh to Charleston. It’s my dad’s side of the family. Oddly the page I took a picture of here was from before my dad was born. It was the page my aunt, who is in the images and is the little girl about to go down the slide, picked out. My dad and I felt a slight sting when she tore the page out of the album to keep, like its integrity was lost in that moment somehow, yet we both knew it was ok and good for my aunt to take with her. The rest were left at my parents. My aunt went through the album and said this is uncle… and aunt… and who she liked and didn’t like, and a lot of dead, dead, deads, some in good time, some too young, including Grandma Fay at 58. Breaking hearts and filling with love at the same time. Oh those photos….