Observations from the Gym and a Touch of Intuition

The gym is my studio where I use the equipment to create the body and mind for video performance art. So every time I go to the gym, I get in studio time. Today I was there. I listened to some tunes on my ipod. The tunes tuned out some of the background noises and brought focus on the movement. People were to my left and right using the same Cybex machine as me. In the rows behind us people were scattered on stair masters and treadmills. In front of us there is a row of 12 tvs and below them the people using weights. I noticed the cybex machine users had a similar bounce and briefly felt a strange connection to them, a group activity, unplanned, yet all still there doing the same thing together. The images on the tv became more foreign yet a faded reminder that perhaps those people are part of the image that many of us might be aspiring towards. How different we looked to those tv images. How great it was to get this perception of connection through action. Studio success.

A Kinetic History

After attending the Marshall Mcluhan events at International House the past two days, EAI has returned for me as a key resource for video art, from the history of video artists to the history of the theoretical on video art. I’m starting with the Manifesto which is the link below (using WordPress’ “Press This” function for the first time). I had the opportunity a few years ago while pursuing my MFA to visit EAI to watch some seminal video art as I began learning about it. (my friend and I were baffled if the Nam June Paik video we selected was supposed to be all snow or if there was something wrong with the tape) I also attended Nancy Holt’s screening and talk which was pretty amazing to see her work and hear about her relationship with Smithson, especially how he blind folded her and attached a camera to her to walk through the Pine Barrens. I sort of lost interest in EAI when the videos I was interested in weren’t available for viewing online and expensive to rent and only available for viewing if you could visit EAI. The McLuhan event was a good reminder of what a powerful resource EAI is.

A Kinetic History.