Imagination Activated: Visit to Bodega (finally!), Marginal Utility & Vox

With my new canon 60d in hand, and my friend Yip in town and teaching some technical settings, I documented a few images of work that called my attention, yesterday 7/22/12, at Bodega, Marginal Utility and Vox Populi Gallery.

Bodega – Fükengrüven – Joshua Abelow, Phil Cote, Pia Howell, Orion Martin

June 9 – July 29, 2012

more here: and

Oh hai it’s my friend in the art gallery not wanting to be photographed so much by the 60d.  Pia Howell’s images in the background.

Phil Cote’s painting. The marks dash around the canvas like musical gestures reminiscent of Kandisky. They make me feel “I am a paint brush, these are my strokes”. They make for an interesting contrast with Pia’s reductive gestures on reflective surfaces of ambiguous symbols of perhaps bodies or perhaps movements of patterns and textures also reminiscent of musical structures. All fitting of the exhibition’s title. 

Scott Kip at Marginal Utility

Two well written descriptions and insights to Kip’s Illuminated Structures:

Yip in the background with Illuminated Structures.

Yip with Illuminated Structures

Spending a little bit of time with the structure, revealed the shadow of the moving clock gears.

look through this pathwayto find the reflection of:

a happy accident or purposeful shadow of ephemera?



see the art blog’s review . Some similar work caught my attention, so thank you Art Blog as I hadn’t recorded the artists’ names.

Linda Lopez. I liked the painted shadow, the delicate lines of the ceramic and the shelf it rested on. It makes me ask a lot of questions about what they could have been and what they are in the gallery.

Esther Ruiz

graphite but I don’t know who the artist is…

don’t fall in….

Remix from Self-recorded Youtube video

Playing with youtube and linkedtube…

On Tuesday I recorded a video using my friend’s computer direct into youtube, unedited. I practiced twice in live takes into youtube and kept the third one.

On Wednesday I downloaded the youtube video using Keepvid and edited it in Final Cut, going from 8 minutes down to 2 minutes. I was interested in those jump cuts and making a faster edited version based on other youtube vlogs I’ve seen.

On Thursday, I uploaded the video to youtube and attempted to make links to the references. Only youtube doesn’t allow external links. I found linkedtube but they eliminated all my notes to the links in the video! The only way to see the external link on the linkedtube version is if it’s embedded on a website. The video is below. If you click on the link and then come back to this blog you will notice there’s a bunch of code. Click “Blog” on the left side column to refresh!

Why I Still Love Bad at Sports After 2.5 years of Listening

– it’s current, up to date, now, like
– it’s every week
– it’s informative, i learn something new and pertinent every episode
– it’s funny as shit
– it’s intellectual
– it raises good questions
– it offers insights into contemporary art practice
– there’s good ideas and inspires
– it informs my art practice in real time
– it’s down to earth too
– it’s good career advice from experienced artists
– it makes you think

one of my favorite episodes was with suzanne lacy, especially because duncan struggles with sopra so hard.