Video statement

Video is an important medium in my creative process. It serves a multitude of purposes.  I use video to document the ephemeral life of Plastic Fantastic[1], my ongoing art project exploring play, water, and plastic. Video is a way to think, unscripted and document those thoughts (as opposed to writing), where often unexpected insights unfold about concerns within my studio practice.  I am endlessly fascinated by the technology. Video proves to be a materialization of myself, work and surroundings while simultaneously becoming a dematerialization of that moment because of the medium. Through the video camera lens, I capture and isolate meaningful moments, including moments of play that allow me to escape from the every day. In doing so, video becomes a critical form of self-care I might not find in my worldview.

[1] Plastic Fantastic is an immersive, nomadic environment for play, built from 6,000 post-consumer plastic water bottles on a 16-foot diameter geodesic dome. The dome serves as a centerpiece for organizing social relations. Inspirations include Fluxus, subRosa, the Yes Men, Creative Time, Yayoi Kusama, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and El Anatsui. Some of the places that Plastic Fantastic has lived are Salisbury University, Vermont College of Fine Arts, and the Schuylkill Banks next to Fairmount Water Works at Art in the Open 2010.

social media platform exploration


social media platform exploration

I use Twitter as an outlet for small insights into getting to the artist statement. I post videos most of the time to Youtube and but occasionally directly to Tumblr. I share that I posted a video (using Youtube or Tumblr) back on Twitter or Facebook. Now I am writing about it on WordPress. Last night was an indulgence in a mess of posting and sharing between platforms – twitter, instagram, youtube and tumblr. The platforms of Tumblr and WordPress are so attractive, it is too difficult to choose one so I am also copying posts to both of them. It’s process heavy the way I like it.

Blog writing blog


I feel strongly that I need to start writing and figured my own blog might be a good way to get back into it.

The internet as a platform for expression still blows my mind. I still am fascinated by the idea of alter egos and anonymity and exploring extremes of expression. I tried to have a blog that did that and then expanded that into a video channel that was supposed to be completely disconnected to me but it got weird. Like I wanted to explore the extremes in video and being totally weird and in the moment of whatever it was but it also felt bad. It came across crazy probably in a not good way. I mean in a sense it was good to get “it” out what ever it was but it also felt contrived.  Don’t get me wrong, I love weird but maybe the alter ego isn’t the way to go at this time.

The alter ego blog also left me uncomfortable. I mean putting yourself out there on the internet is uncomfortable but some ways are comfortably uncomfortable and others just don’t work. With that particular blog it was a way of moving my blog on Myspace into a more public realm, a stepping stone. I wanted to draft blogs online as I wrote them, as I am doing right now, in an unedited way, from the spontaneous moment of writing and exploring ideas with a diva edge. Yet the anonymity got in the way. I couldn’t talk about the “real” stuff that was happening too. The voice became confusing. An artist teacher, Karen Lefkovitz, while I was in graduate school once warned if you adopt the alter ego in the every day then you might lose yourself forever, is that what you want? I suppose you could say with that thought in mind, I am moving forward with a blog in my own name.