Video diary a day for self

I am trying an experiment with a video diary project for the rest of my breathing human days. Instead of trying to shoot, edit and share a video right away as a semi-complete work in progress of the process for internet viewing on the youtube channel, (though mind you I have plenty of video I would have liked to semi-complete and haven’t gotten to yet)  with this project I am shooting the video as a diary for myself and keeping it to myself. Intentionally private, at least in the shooting phase. I plan to shoot 60 seconds a day. Over the course of the year that accumulates to 365 minutes or 6 hours or somewhere around 100gigs of memory. I am four days in. Through the process of a mere 60 seconds I get the inner creative special place of the studio making experience.  Also it’s amazing how long 60 seconds can feel, and frankly when I feel busy and every minute counts or is dominated by some activity, it’s nice to have a long 60 seconds of self-time. 

My channel where I started posting videos to the internet first got started back in 2006 was taken down by in November 2013. I periodically check on the channel to see if it was still there. I heard of before I ever heard of youtube. Then when I had tried youtube the first time around I hated it because I couldn’t delete a video. Through I realized the variety of the terrain of video beyond what I had experienced from shooting weddings and making abstract video art. That included vlogging (the original video diary of the everyday, self-referential insights to the art practice, a perfect excuse to turn the camera on myself to see what it’s like because it felt awkward to shoot people at weddings), performance video art, documentation of everyday or documentation of art projects.  

When I  go to show page, below is the message I found. I’ve not taken any further action. I kind of feel like it served its purpose and the show had become inconsistent and it is a relief that it is no longer dangling out there. It was a good way to get started in vlogging, video performance art and learn about myself and boundaries and high production values versus low fi grittiness in technology and visual make up. I particularly liked the 30 videos in 30 days (I don’t recall the correct title, basically you made a video a day for a month) and that was very influential on my video performance art practice, for which I will forever be grateful. 

I’m digging this video posting break and focusing on the shooting and hopefully soon editing. 

A Final Update on Account Removals

After many years of being an open platform, Blip is now taking its mission to bring the best original web series to our audience more seriously.

To accomplish this, it is essential that we fully support producers who are dedicated to their craft and are committed to making their shows successful.  This renewed focus means that we have had to make some tough decisions about how and where we direct Blip’s resources.  

Over the past few months, we have been reviewing the Blip content library and identifying accounts that don’t meet our Terms of Service.  These accounts were removed on November 7, 2013.

If you have encountered a Blip page or player with the message “Sorry, this show has been removed from Blip”, it means the show you are looking for has been removed.

If you are a Blip producer and have questions about account removals, please email