Pregnancy Diary from Twitter Part 2

April 29th, 24 hours after my water broke, we greeted Oliver into the world. No live tweeting or google hang out from the labor room. Image is of Oliver on his 2 week old birthday! The entries below are tweets from the rest of the pregnancy portion of #babyoprep.

The cats look so big now, more like panthers.

Apr 28

37 weeks 1 day water broke, packed bags and on the monitor at hospital…perhaps last day of

Apr 26

Baking cookies on a Sunday morning. I can’t recall ever doing such a thing.

Apr 22

36wks 2d. whoa just totally had best idea ever, google hangout for during labor. friends & family w/ me, yes!

35w4d my uterus my uterus please let me be, my baby needs to cook for 4 more weeks ,

35 weeks 1 day, vlog still image from the jungle of ,

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35 wks! 35 days to go 🙂 To mark this, I’m chillin on a bench, being emotional bc crying in public better than at desk

34w5d sometimes when baby kicks it geeks like a gentle earth quake. Fiance says my sore throat was caused by snoring.

34w4d good week in . Found out there’s a few babies on our block. Can’t go out to any parties 2nite. Listening at home

34w2d happy for non stress test. Swimming with noodle in the pool; bonding w/moms on emotional outbursts in – so good

34 weeks! My 1st craving. To be surrounded and immersed in trees. Totally balled. Cats and my honey, next best.

33w6d pain yesterday fine today. Shot a pregnancy vlog. family time,both sides this wknd. All super excited. Nursery in progress