Plastic Fantastic at The Young Women’s Leadership School, 2014

Plastic Fantastic visited The Young Women’s Leadership School in Queens, NY 2014. The students collected the 6000 water bottles needed over the fall. Art students made posters about Plastic Fantastic, recycling and water bottles to help raise awareness about the project. There was a competition to collect water bottles for the month of October and a 7th grade class won a pizza party for collecting the most. Ms Schneck’s art classes put the bottles on grids so they were ready to be applied when the dome armature arrived. During Plastic Fantastic’s visit in early December, we constructed the dome and attached the bottles. Students were part of the decision making on grid placement. Jeremy Prouty and Kristen Bailey ran puppet making workshops and puppet shows in the dome, two of which are in the video. The dome has been up as a public art installation on the TYWLS campus since December 4th, 2014!