Nomadic Monument for Women in Robotics

The Nomadic Monument for Women in Robotics returns to the Philadelphia Science Festival this Saturday, 5/4/19.


The Nomadic Monument for Women in Robotics, designed by Diedra Krieger and Gaby Alfaro, celebrates the innovations of eight women pioneers in the field of robotics:

  1. Ruzena Bajcsy
  2. Lynne Parker
  3. Hadas Kress-Gazit
  4. Lydia Kavraki
  5. Ayanna Howard
  6. Daniela Rus
  7. Helen Grenier
  8. Katherine Kuchenbecker

Its goal is to create a community of women eagerly inviting aspiring pioneers to join them when entering the dome. The portraits and descriptions of women roboticists challenge stereotypes about who can be an engineer, allowing young girls to start developing a sense of belonging in an informal STEM learning environment. Joey Hartmann-Dow’s near life-sized portraits of the pioneers at eye level around the inside of the dome create a space that allows for a visual connection between the visitors and the roboticists. Visitors can read quotes of key moments or experiences that inspired them. Stereotype challenge, sense of belonging to a community, and having same-gender role models correlate with interest in engineering by women and girls. The Monument was sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Festival and The GRASP Lab.

More about the project here.